Our proven approach for success

Outcomes over deliverables

The problems we’re solving are complex, so we define projects based on outcomes, not deliverables. Outcomes are measurable, meaningful and aligned with your specific goals and business drivers.

An ongoing, holistic planning process

We shift the emphasis from planning a “system up” solution, to planning a “user down” solution with continuous introspection.


Everything we do is done in controlled phases to test assumptions, implement user feedback, mitigate project risk and achieve great results.

Ode to JOI: Our step-by-step process

If it’s not easy to use, your team simply won’t use it. Overpowered solutions waste time and money. Our goal then, is to match a solution to the task at hand in as streamlined a way as possible.

  1. Strategy & Planning

    The first step of our process involves your business taking a hard look in the mirror and assessing the effectiveness and, most importantly, the inefficiencies of your current systems.

    Stakeholder Profile

    Clarity from the very start, is a must. We start by identifying your stakeholders—those who will be most impacted by engaging with each level of user.

    Process Audit

    Most businesses are unique, as are their work processes; therefore, we conduct stakeholder focus groups to examine current company processes and technologies in use.

    Roadmap & Recommendation

    From there, we create wire-frames, evaluate possible technologies and determine project goals that become the Development Plan that will be executed.

  2. Usability is the cornerstone of all our designs allowing our products to excel in the following areas:

    System Creation

    We determine which areas of the business provide important competitive differentiation in your industry and make innovation in these spheres a priority.


    Remember how Apple justified not including an instruction manual with the iPad? We have a similar motto to, “You already know how to use it.” Our products are simple, easy-to-understand and follow consumer-design conventions for layout and flow. This is one instance when you can certainly trust your instincts. be most impacted by engaging with each level of user.


    We create a seamless controlled experience for employees to perform business tasks on their second and third screens (mobile devices, home computers and tablets). We proactively design solutions with the expectation that you will be collaborating outside of your company’s walls.

    Rapid Prototyping

    Our lean development process makes reliability, scalability, security, maintainability and flexibility top priorities with each iteration of development.

  3. Measurement

    At its best, success needs to be measurable, repeatable and linked to both business strategy and operational metrics. Effective innovation will create new market value, drive efficiencies, and enhance organizational performance.

    Analytics & Tracking

    One of the key features of launching and maintaining a successful product is tracking how users interact with and use it.

    Successes & Failures

    Iterate, rinse and repeat: this model allows you to focus more resources on what works and less on what doesn’t.

    Technology Assessment

    We use a deliberate, disciplined approach to evaluate new web trends and upgraded hardware devices.