Thinking Smart About Smartphones & Business

It’s no secret that SmartPhones are taking over in terms of convenient and easy to use tools for employees on the move. What is surprising though, is that construction companies are in the top 10 percent of industries making these gadgets part of their day-to-day operations.

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Is SharePoint a pain point? Maybe it’s time to ditch it.

If, despite its proven and consistent shortfalls, “someone” within your enterprise still defends Microsoft’s SharePoint righteously, you need to keep reading this post. When employees want simple, easy to use systems for everything they do, it’s hard not to wonder why a clunky, challenging system like SharePoint is still an office favourite? While we don’t actually have the answer to that mystery, we do have your potential solution.

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Empower employees outside company walls; you’ll be glad you did

Enterprise mobility isn’t just about smart phones.

The rise of mobile computing is staggering both in sheer scale and in its breadth of adoption-crossing age groups, socio-economic classes and geographic borders in a single bound.

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