Web apps make you — harder, better, faster, stronger...

Web-based applications make it easier to do more with less. They help companies be as efficient as possible, by streamlining and automating activities that usually are time-consuming, and minimizing human error. The proposition to use web applications in your organization is not a call to get rid of humans and bring in robots to fill their positions. On the contrary, applications that are used to perform calculated tasks actually free up time for employees to add value to their positions, rather than getting bogged down with monotonous work processes.

In a city dominated by oil and gas, coupled with traditional ways of doing business, there are a plethora of late bloomers when it comes to new technology. Paper based binders, countless faxes sent and received, and armies of clerks responsible for filing paper are ordinary occurrences. Although the exact statistic of how much paper is printed every year isn’t available to me off-hand, from the waste baskets and recycle bins we witness at many of the companies in question, the costs must be tremendous.

What we as a digital agency, wish to uncover is the amount of wasted time, talent and resources companies actually spend on tasks that could quite simply be effectively managed through the creation of an automated application.

A scenario that might strike a chord with construction or oil and gas service companies is the following:

Daily safety checklists are a must. An employee that works in the field walks towards his trailer where the forms are stored in his binder and finds that he/she has run out of that particular sheet. Asking their peers, there isn’t a form in sight. Because there are no backup copies, the employee calls in to head office to ask if another form can be found, printed and then faxed to the trailers fax line. Besides the frustration of not having the form when it could have been really important to have, the amount of time taken to exhaust options on site, the administrators time to find forms then print and fax, furthered by the hourly wages, disruption of other tasks?.you get the idea.

Successful companies make a lot of money, true. Successful companies also spend a lot of money? and don’t even know it. If you examine the amount of time, resources, soft costs and hard costs that certain tasks actually take, the investment in a web application to streamline the process is a no brainer.

The phrase “time is money” suddenly comes to mind. Applications can be created to ease frustrations, streamline processes and automate tasks, but only once these processes are uncovered and actually analyzed.

The first step to recovery is acknowledging there is a problem?