Empower employees outside company walls; you’ll be glad you did

Enterprise mobility isn’t just about smart phones.

The rise of mobile computing is staggering both in sheer scale and in its breadth of adoption-crossing age groups, socio-economic classes and geographic borders in a single bound.

As traditional telephone communication services take a backseat to messaging, email, media engagement and collaboration tools, the potential for business enablement grows — specifically in how employees and partners interact. Web-based applications are an essential tool in bridging this gap.

Enterprise mobility is about rethinking where and how business is conducted. As we begin to separate from static computers and envision a world where business is increasingly conducted outside of cubicles and call centers, different business opportunities are born.

In Calgary, this concept is extremely important as many of our companies in the construction and oil and gas sectors have significant operations outside of their company walls. Efficient collaboration between head office and their many field teams and satellite offices is crucial to successful operations, and the bottom line. Those in the field need timely access to systems that are functional and easy to use around the clock.

As limitations around costs and technology are overcome, organizations need to challenge themselves as to what is possible. This includes looking across industries and geographies for new ideas. Before pursuing more innovative or substantial mobile initiatives, however, a practical mobile strategy should start with the consideration of putting a mobile veneer on a company’s existing capabilities.

While many organizations have some form of wireless infrastructure and supporting policies in place, these were generally established before the explosion of potential usages and devices. Embracing the disruptive potential of mobility requires a new set of technical and organizational capabilities to govern security, development, deployment and management.